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PulseClean Office

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+6017-229 9188

About Us

Pulse Clean is a Negative Ions Generation Plate. It contributes to keep our living environment healthy by combining natural Tourmaline Stones with Tako Inc.’s Sintering Technology of porous structure. Pulse Clean is a technology found by Tako Inc. of Japan who has 36 years experience in advance technique of porosity structure by deriving maximally the tourmaline’s effect for modern healthy lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the effects of electromagnetic wave on human bodies?

Electromagnetic wave triggers internal heating of body cells and tissues which lead to cells damage. In long term effects or a more severe scenario, mutation will happens and bring serious health hazard to our bodies.

Where can we find electromagnetic wave radiation?

Electromagnetic radiation comes from all sorts of electronics, a form of energy

that can cause changes in the space surrounding electronic equipment and devices. While not visible, Electromagnetic radiation can alter the environment and you. It can impact your cells and have negative health effects on your health. Although common, it may not be safe.

  • X-ray – Medical x-rays or security scan in airports
  • Gamma rays – Sterilization for surgical tools or food
  • Ultraviolet radiations -Fluorescent lights, security pens
  • Infrared radiations – Security alarms or TV controller
  • Microwave radiations – Cooking microwaves or ovens, satellites for communications
  • Electronic gadgets and devices 

How does Pulse Clean work?

Pulse Clean made from Natural Tourmaline Stones (which has the unique ability to) generate streams of negative ions or healthy ions to effectively reduce and diminish unhealthy ( positive ions ) electromagnetic field rays of electronic gadgets and appliances from absorbing into our bodies.

positive ions harm 1

Effect of Negative Ions

Electromagnetic gadgets releases electromagnetic wave which is known to cause a lot of trouble to your bodies because it generates harmful positive ions. For example, eye strains, stiff shoulders, headaches, dizziness, anxieties, depressions, fatigues and loss of immune function, etc. The following appliances which contributes the generation of positive ions were Mobile phones, Microwaves, ovens, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, printers, electric carpets, fax machines, automobiles, etc.
effect of pulse clean

Pulse Clean Brief

Pulse Clean made of tourmaline stone generates negative ion. The negative ion generated by Pulse Clean is called healthy ion as we find in places richly endowed with nature such as in the green forests or near waterfalls. It will reduce harmful positive ion and create refreshing and healthy environment. Additional effects of Pulse Clean is eliminating static electricity. Placing Pulse Clean on the corners of TV monitor prevents dust from sticking to the screen. It verifies the Pulse Clean’s effect to eliminate static electricity.
usage of pulse clean

Negative Ion Products Malaysia

Attach Pulse Clean to your electrical gadgets and appliances (such as laptops or desk stop computers, tablets or mobile phones) to effectively reduce and diminish the harmful rays of your gadgets. Don’t forget home appliances such as microwaves and ovens. Healthy effective way is to put Pulse Clean in your pocket where it helps to reduce harmful ions and static electricity anytime and anywhere you go. Pulse Clean is suitable for everyone especially pregnant ladies which can avoid electromagnetic rays that can influence the development of babies..


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Why Choose Us?


We have over 36 years experience in discovering and improving our technology.


We have passion and a dedicated team to maintain quality in all our innovation products.


 We were awarded by The President of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also Gold International Award.

Our Brand Credibility

Pulse Clean got Gold International Award at Invention Conventions in USA.

We are honored to receive the Award of President of Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Gift Festival.

Collaborative research was carried out with Nihon University Science and Engineering Department. A research paper was published in 2005.

Our Testimonials

‘I own a video production company.I spend most of my time in front of the computer for creating and crafting beautiful video. I am surrounded by electrical gadgets and device which had caused eye strains, stiff shoulders, headaches, dizziness, anxieties, dPostmotion Sdn Bhd.epressions, and fatigues. I am introduced to Pulse Clean where it really helps in changing my working environment. Now I am not worried about the harmful effect of positive ion affecting my health.’ — Vernon Goh

‘Pulse clean is great! I spent most of my time in the car with my mobile apps “waze”, but every time my mobile was like a boiling device, extremely hot. I found a solution to solve this issue, I bought a pulse clean and stick it to my mobile phone, and I can feel the temperature is significantly cooler. I think it is very good for people who use mobile phone all the time.’– Gary Chin, Director of Multiply Studio.

‘I feel very comfortable when I put Pulse Clean Pocket in my pocket. It also reduces the static electricity that I hate to have in the winter time.’– Hidesada Shimazaki.

Pulse Clean Effect Measurement

Negative Ions Measurement with Pulse Clean

Measurement of emf (+ve ion) on laptop and effects of emitting (-ve ion) with pulse clean. Device shows that pulse clean is continuously emitting -ve ions.

Negative Ions Measurement on Mobile Phone

Cell Phone Result
without pulse clean +ve ion +0.01 ~ +0.04
with pulse clean -ve ion -0.05 ~ -0.15

Negative Ions Measurement with Pulse Clean on Laptop

Laptop Result
without pulse clean +ve ion +0.37 ~ +0.48
with pulse clean -ve ion -0.01 ~ -0.15

Pulse Clean Products from Japan is Solely Distributed in Malaysia and Indonesia by Mytako Pulseclean

Result of Life Field Test

Comparing the effects to the human body with / without Pulse Clean.

Blue: with Pulse Clean / Gray: without Pulse Clean

From left, Alfa wave, Beta wave, Delta wave, Theta wave, Visual cortex of the brain, Ophthalmic nerve, Retina, Too much use of eyes. 100% is the state before using PC.

42 years old lady used PC for 30 minutes with Pulse Clean on 4 corners, and without Pulse Clean. Compared the effects observed in her brain waves, etc